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Herb Walk Short and Sweet

Brief Overview: Walk on the Wild Side: Introduction to wild medicinal and edible plants (Herb Walk -Short and Sweet)

Full Description:

HERB WALK *Short and Sweet

This walk is the Short and Sweet version of your regular herb walk, for those who may be pressed for time or have difficulty walking for longer durations. We cover a few of our favorite essential plants and get you started on how to discover more of whats growing in your environment.

Be inspired by the everyday wonders of nature and all it has to offer! Learn to identify many common and easily found native plants and herbs in your area and their names. Participants will also learn the traditional ways these plants were used as food, medicine and in daily life. Responsible harvesting, as well as storage and preservation, will be covered.

This workshop cultivates environmental awareness and responsibility, community stewardship, teamwork, personal empowerment, cultural respect, observation and memory development, and encourages physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health & well-being. This workshop is a great way to connect with nature in a fun and safe environment.

What To Bring:

Come prepared wearing comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing and walking shoes or rubber boots. Bring water, a snack, pen and paper for notes, a hand trowel, containers for samples and a tote bag.

THIS IS AN OUTDOORS GROUP WALK. We expect everyone to respect each other and distance or mask appropriately with regards to others and covid safety precautions.

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