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How It's Made


Home Of The Original Steel Tongue Drum

Made By Hand,
One Drum
At A Time

Beginning with rough, raw steel every Oscar drum is transformed by dedicated hands here in Ontario through a meticulous process to become this unique and cherished instrument of heirloom quality.
The Process (in short): Form the steel, precision cut it, weld, treat, grind (leaving no seams), tune, sand, paint the inside, dry, paint the outside, dry, sand the inside and the outside (silky smooth), paint with custom design, dry (yes, there is a lot of waiting for paint to dry, which is when we make the drum mallets and ring cushions), paint with clear protective finishing, dry, final tuning, and then the sticker of approval! 

A little bit more about our tuning: The drums are tuned inaudibly sharp and will come into perfect tuning after a few weeks of playing. They will sustain their tuning for many years after which they may drop slightly from metal fatigue. Our drums are primarily built in small batches to ensure high quality and care in every step of the process and every drum is tuned by hand. 
Once packaged in its carrying case, the Oscar Steel Drum is ready for eager eyes and ears.
The whole process can take up to two to three months, with every step being carefully double and triple checked along the way. It is for this very reason we guarantee the Oscar Steel Drum for life.

Visitors are always welcome for a cup of coffee and a tour of our humble workspace, Contact Us.