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Research and Development


This system is still under research and development and has not been offered to the public. 
Integral Energetics is not intended to replace conventional medical practice, as always, we urge people to consult a certified medical practitioner before engaging in any new practice. No launch date has been set for public service.

Tribal Thunder present Integral Energetics an improved system of sound healing. Tribal Thunder presents Integral Energetics,
an improved system of sound healing which embraces both science and spirituality to promote mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Integral Energetics works by combining the best of various healing modalities to produce an effective system of vibrational healing that empowers and rejuvenates mind, heart, body and soul, without the ‘New Age’ confusion.

Integral Energetics facilitators utilize their 40+ years of combined experience in various fields such as sound healing, shamanic practices like trance drumming, reiki, mediation, sound, and light to make Integral Energetics an effective, encompassing healing modality.

Integral Energetics emerges to fill the need for a system that is accessible, useful and powerful.  All our facilitators eventually discovered the limitations of their own individual, singular practices.  They determined that combining or integrating the best each modality has to offer consistently produces the most effective and profound results they have seen to date.

The facilitators learn what may work most effectively by first LISTENING to the needs of the client. Employing the best of many modalities they design a session tailored to meet those particular needs. Most systems have a single method for all clients - as if one size fits all.  Integral Energetics seeks to satisfy the specific individual needs of each person. As a result, every session may be considerably different, depending on the client’s needs or requests at that time.