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Mastering the Tarot LIVE Online

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Brief Overview: Our famous Tarot course now offered in a video conference style, and a special sale price. As always there is much to unravel in the Tarot. At this virtual workshop you will learn information not easily found in books. Well worth it for the novice to the expert! Come to understand the symbolism and meaning deep within the Tarot Cards. The cards cross cultures, religions, and time itself. Exploring the Tarot aids as a tool to understanding ones life, and life's cycles from Ancient times to today... and beyond.

Full Description:

Art of the Tarot LIVE online

Yes! You will be able to learn and memorize the meanings of all 78 cards in the Major and Minor Arcana, in their upright and reversed positions! Oz unlocks the cards and gives you the keys by using a mnemonic device that makes full retention possible.

Students can leave this course with enough knowledge of the cards to begin using them right away.   Deeper insights are continuously available to the dedicated seeker who studies the cards.

Learning the Tarot is fun and insightful! and with Oz`s teaching method, it is EASY!

Oz has studied the Tarot for over 30 years and is a well known and well respected reader and teacher.
His Tarot readings are incredibly accurate, and his insights and knowledge of the cards is formidable.

Learning the Tarot should be mandatory for those on a Spiritual path as they reveal deep mysteries and secrets to "those who have eyes to see." They are a beautiful system of knowledge; portable, practical and powerful. 

Please have handy a notebook and a Rider Waite, Radiant Rider Waite or Universal Waite deck of tarot cards.

“Learning Tarot is an incredibly rewarding experience that lends itself to everyday life and personal Spiritual growth. Tarot is not just a divination system, it is a book of Spiritual Knowledge”

This course is normally $150+tax, but with reduced overhead and travel we are happy to offer it online as a video conference for $90+tax. We will still be running the session live so comments and questions will be addressed immediately. We hope to see you there!

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