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Herb Walk LIVE Online

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Brief Overview: This course has the great content of our in-person Herb Walk, delivered LIVE through the internet and still INTERACTIVE!  Discover the abundance of useful herbs that are readily available to us all.
Many are sure to be growing in your own backyard!

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This course has much of great content of our in-person Herb Walk, delivered LIVE through the internet and still INTERACTIVE! 

When you register for the course you will receive a pdf with information of the plants that we will cover during the online session so that you will be able to identify them. The pdf will have descriptions as well as photographs and resources of established websites that you can use to further your personal research online.

This course is intended for educational purposes only as a means to identify the plants that grow in your area and how they’ve been used in various communities through our history. Some plants are wild edibles, some are spices, some are medicines; and while we’ll be helping you to identify them, we do not suggest you harvest or ingest any of these plants without first consulting your medical doctor.

We hope that by taking this course nature will be a little less scary and a lot more beautiful.

Join us from the comfort of your own backyard while we stream live on location as we find these amazing plants in their natural habitat.

Approx time 1 hour - 1.5 if we should find some interesting wildlife to share. There will also be time for questions and comments throughout the session.

You will receive the PDF in advance you so can already begin noticing and becoming familiar with the plants in your own area.

You will also learn the traditional ways these plants were used as food, medicine and in daily life. Responsible harvesting, as well as storage and preservation will be covered.
Learn how to make a spiritual connection to the medicine of the plants. See how to harvest the medicine, not just the constituents of the plants.

The knowledge you gain in this workshop will serve you, your family and friends all the days of your life!

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