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Tarot Readings

Brief Overview: LIVE ONLINE: Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while having your Tarot cards read to gain more information and clarity on answers you are seeking.

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Tarot Readings

Come have your tarot read to gain insight into the unfolding of your life's events. Tarot readings can be useful for understanding what obstacles may be present on your path to achieving your desired goals, how the past has affected your present and how your present may affect your future. The tarot can give insights into your strengths & weakness, shine light on recognizing how to change personal attitudes towards situations and create new opportunities for personal growth.

Each reading is 30 minutes long and are $45 each.  Please book your appointment in advance.

This is for entertainment purposes only and you must be an adult to have your cards read. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Contact: Ashley

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