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Natural Gourd Canteen
Holds up to 1.2 litres of water!

Materials: Gourd, beeswax, leather, metal fasteners.
Approximate Size: 16cm diameter x 10cm width


Satisfy your thirst and drink fresh, cool water from this handcrafted Gourd Canteen. Surprisingly durable, this canteen will serve you for many years, trekking through forest or city. 

The natural shape of a gourd holds a startling amount of water... 1200ml for this canteen! (over 1 litre or 5 cups)

This beautiful canteen is made with great care. We begin with a carefully selected gourd, which we thoroughly clean inside and out. We custom cut, fit, hand tool and dye 100% vegetable tanned leather. We coat the inside of the gourd with pure beeswax, which is naturally anti-bacterial and when coupled with a perfectly fitted cherry wood neck and cork stopper, helps ensure no leaks! Never worry about chemical leeching - this canteen is ALL natural! Lightweight when empty, but when full it easily provides enough water for multiple people on a day hike. You will truly enjoy using this canteen! 

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