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Horsetail Whip
Used by Shamans and Healers


High quality horsetail hair, hand made cherry wood handle, various glass beads and hand stitched wrapping.


The Horsetail Whip is found in many cultures and is used by Shamans and healers to ward off negative energies and clear spaces. The sound of the whip passing through the air is believed to drive these energies out. 

This tool is precisely crafted to ensure balance and durability, and is adorned with a lavish amount of horsehair. Individually fashioned handles firmly secure the horsehair and are comfortable to hold.

Due to the nature of hair, a small amount of hair loss is to be anticipated. However, if cared for, this Horsetail whip can be a unique treasure passed down from generation to generation.


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Price $: 120.00

SOLD. Call to pre-order.
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