Incense Prayer Beads
Beads made for incense


Natural resin and herbs.

Approximate Size: Approximately 10


Intended for ritual use and deep meditation practices. A single bead can be broken and placed on a hot charcoal puck to produce rich fragrant smoke, bringing calm, peace, and protection in creating a sacred space. These Prayer Beads are made from a special blend of five different natural resins and four herbs: frankincense, dragon's blood, sandalwood, black Mayan copal, benzoin, sage, sweet grass, cedar and lavender. Wood beads are also included between each resin bead and are all strung on a hemp cord.

This handmade natural resin incense was made to be burned on live charcoal. Therefore, care must be taken when using this or any other combustible product. The manufacturer and the retailer are not liable for the abuse or misuse of this product.

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Price $: 12.00

SOLD. Call to pre-order.
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