Cymatix Level Two

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Brief Overview: Through The Second Gate, Ocean of Consciousness
Explore and discover more about the power of sound through Cymatix Level Two... "Through The Second Gate - Ocean of Consciousness"

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Cymatix Level Two - Through The Second Gate; Ocean of Consciousness

Penetrate deeper into the secrets of sound through Cymatix Level Two. Discover the music within the music, the mystery of harmonics. Explore the power of word, sacred chant and the joy of finding your own voice as an instrument of intention and healing. Learn the principals of Tibetan Overtone Singing and advanced techniques in directing sound. Explore the power of the Fibonacci Series in natural sound through tuned Conch Shells. Experience synergy through the collective expression of a Tribal Jam. Gain personal insight while working with rare instruments such as Ancient Peruvian Whistling Vessels, Shruti Box, Shamanic Drums,  and more.

  Also included in this workshop is a Shamanic Sound Spa...

With your new insight into the deeper workings of Sound, you will practice creating live organic Soundscapes which you will both give and receive with other participants.  Further explore Ancient Shamanic trance and semi-trance states that expand your awareness and promote health and wellbeing. Recover and share your inner wisdom with others when you return from your Spirit Journey.

Cymatix Level One is recommended however, no experience is necessary, and all equipment is provided. Suitable for ages 14 and older. Bring an open mind and an eagerness to explore and discover!

Come play with sound!

Enjoy, Relax & Discover First Hand The Power Of Sound

Throughout the Cymatix series, a large and rare collection of instruments are provided for participants to explore, including: Tibetan Singing Bowls, Bells and Tingsha, Crystal Singing Bowls, Gong, Cymbal, Kalimbas, Harp, Guzheng, Pythagorean Monochord,  Didgeridoos, Txalaparta, Oscar Steel Tongue Drums, Djembes, Ashikos, Talking Drums, Medicine Drums, Bodhran, Doumbek, Udu, Ocean Drum, Thunder Drum, Specialty Rattles & Shakers, Animal Calls, Unique Whistles and more. Anasazi Flute, Shakuhachi Flute, Native Love Flute and other wind instruments will also be demonstrated.

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