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Drumming and Dreaming October 19, 2017 7pm - 8:30pm Roro's 31 Robinson St Port Burwell 0.00 9 Map
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Drumming and Dreaming

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Brief Overview: Relax in a comfortable environment and allow yourself to travel on the heartbeat of specially made traditional drums.

Full Description:

Every ancient society considered the drum sacred. Healers, Shamans, and Medicine People have employed various drum beats to induce altered states of consciousness that promote healing. Where a healing ceremony was taking place, the drum was found there also. Come explore those healing rhythms in a safe setting where you can lay down comfortably, listen to specially made drums and enter a dream state that brings you in contact with your own internal world of the subconscious.

These deep states of relaxation are useful for promoting creative thought, problem-solving, improve long-term memory and positive emotional states. It also helps to aid the body in restorative processes and boost the immune system, while reducing stress and anxiety.

Bring a mat/blanket/pillow, close your eyes and let the facilitators bring you into a deep trance state in which you will dream. Afterwards, your vision can be shared and its meaning discovered.

Sign up is $30 per person and payment can be made in person the day of the event. Space is limited so please register in advance. Please contact us if you have any questions.